Thursday, December 10, 2009

Bento Review: Tegami Bachi

Recently at Borders Books, where I feel not only at home, but at one with my outer nerd, I picked up and read volume one of Tegami Bachi. Even more recently while I was there, I bought it. See, now here is evidence that fansubs can in fact support the manga industry: Once you read it, you may very well want to buy it. But that is a longer post for another more fulfilling day.
Anyway, what first caught my eye was the art. At first glance it somehow reminded me of the art from the .Hack series. After spending only a few minutes with it though I noticed it had its own, very pleasant style of art. The greeting of the cover had hooked me enough to sit down with it and read the first few pages.
Quick synopsis:
It takes place in a land lit by an artificial sun placed directly above the upper-class capitol city of Akatsuki. Surrounding the capitol is middle class region, and surrounding that is the lower class region. Gauche is a Letter Bee, a postal worker. He is sent to pick up a letter from the far region. The letter turns out to be a young boy, Lag. Through some struggle, some laughs, and some, literally, heart powered explosions he delivers Lag to his aunt at the edge of the far region. From that point, Lag decides he wants to be a Letter Bee. Five years pass and he is on his way to take the official test to become one. He finds an abandoned, nameless girl on his way; she is a letter. He delivers her to what turns out to be a circus. She apparently has beast arms and magic sword hair. She decides to become his partner.
Sorry if I suck at reviewing things, but it's actually a very interesting manga. Volume two will be out in the US in March of 2010.

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